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semantikon feature artist
Works from our feature artist are available for purchase.

If you would be interested in a work or works from any of our featured artist, please e-mail:

staff- at

Please indicate the work/s you are interested in and a semantikon staffer will forward that info to our feature artist agent.

*Note: your email information will be forwarded to our artist agents for purchases purposes.

semantikon feature visual art, drawings, paintings, sculpture, multimedia, 2-d art, 3-d art, electronic broadsides, illustration, pen and ink, metal work, welding, cartoons, wood,

May/June 2009: Cara Walz
cara walz feature
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-----Feature Artist Archive 2004-2009-----
Jan-April. 2009: Scot Kaplan
scot kaplan
Feb. / Mar. 2008: Ken Morgan
semantikon: ken morgan visual art feature
Dec. 2007/ Jan. 2008: Review of works by David Sparks w/paintings, photos, music...
open david sparks review
Oct. / Nov. 2007: Jean-Pierre Gagne: 3 Videos (with production notes and stills)
jean-pierre gagne feature
Summer 2007: Jonathan Simmons: Contrast and Contradictions
jonathan simmons
January/March/April 2007: Ernest Williamson III
Oct/Nov/Dec 2006: Fritz Kappler
open fritz kappler feature
carrie osborne carrie osborne
Carrie Osborne:
Suburban Legend

"I once heard a story
about a cult of albinos in Miamisburg..."

Geert Wachtelaer Geert Wachtelaer
Geert Wachtelaer

an asynchornous
exposition of
multimedia works

edgar z edgar z
Edgar Z
Tongue, Nectar, Seven
"Her anger clothed with indifference...Her weapons invisible"

tim mcmichael tim mcmichael
Tim McMichael

16 New Works Reviewed

jay bolotin jay bolotin
jay bolotin
max skeans max skeans
Max Skeans

12 Works reviewed plus preview of work in
progress  "Daytin' Ohio"

sydney baxter sydney baxter
Syndey Baxter

9 Works reviewed from
Tree series of drawings

joseph winterhalter joseph winterhalter
Joseph Winterhalter

Meta.Nym Sequence
13833 Variations of Apathetic Brilliance
A rtist Manifesto

alan sauer and kate schmidt alan sauer and kate schmidt
Alan Sauer +
Kate Schmidt

Review of 7 Pen and Ink works + Sculptural adapatations of drawings

aaron cowan aaron cowan
Aaron Cowan

Review of 12 works