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Sept/Oct 2005
Tim McMichael


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tim mcmichael, cincinnati, ohio, painter, sculptor, drawings, sketches, resin finish, linked,
tim mcmichael
Tim McMichael (b. 1972) graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 1994. He's since worked with many other artists and writers including Jay Bolotin, Mark Flanigan, Mark Fox, Dave Rohs, and Aralee Strange. He co-founded Volk C.S.P.I. ;a two month hyper active performance exhibition space in Over The Rhine, (Cincinnati Ohio) in the summer of 2000. He has since been showing locally and regionally. His show 'Linked' opens at the Weston Art Gallery Sept. 16 and runs through Nov. 12. He and girlfriend Ali Edwards are currently expecting a baby boy, due October 28th, 2005.

Joy Division, Unknown Pleasures (1979)—the album cover image of the first recorded pulsar, CP 1919 (the visual signature captured in radio waves), published in The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy, 1969, selected by Peter Hook, the bass player of Joy Division.

Exploring the building in which my studio is located, the David Shoe Co., I discovered a piece of Masonite in a deserted bathroom. When I first saw it, I was not certain what it was but nonetheless instantly recognized it as something aesthetically commanding. It wasn’t until later, after I brought it to my studio, that I realized the artifact (which was last dated in 1969) was actually comprised of a series of names, dates, drawings of cars and the Apollo Lander, and multiplication tables calculating how many seconds there are in a day, week, month, decade, etc. That and a simple line game—evidently all by the hand of Jim Paul Emmons, who I can only assume worked at the David Shoe Co. from at least 1956 to 1969.
The drawing is a rectangle divided in half horizontally. The top half of which is divided in half vertically, while the bottom half is also divided into three equal parts vertically. The object of the game is to pass a drawn line (unbroken) through each separate segment of the divided box without crossing the same segment twice. Simple enough, but Emmons found it daunting. There are more than forty examples of his frustrated attempts to find the solution time and time again with an X on every place he crossed a line twice. And next to, or on top of these, his calculations for how many seconds are in a century; all this in an effort to understand, or placate, his sense of order or chaos.
At the same time, I was listening to a box set by Joy Division (Heart and Soul, 1997), and I recalled the image for Unknown Pleasures. I was curious as to what the cover actually was and why it was chosen. I tracked down the aforementioned info and included the title on some material studies I was working on. I started making parallels to Emmon’s scribbling and the band’s inclusion of the pulsar radiograph.
Peter Hook and Jim Paul Emmons were onto something that I found very curious. The latter constantly checking his time against the bathroom wall measuring stick, and the former choosing an image of a dying star; both chronicling and preserving their place in time and, in doing so, trying to find order, leaving their identifying marks.
Evidence / Artifact / Fossil.

Maps represent a significant construct of our identities. Linked is not only waking modern amber, but also investigating the need to document one’s place in impermanence.
Identity / Time / Oblivion.

Tim McMichael

Title | Polar Fibernacci Title | Untitled (Material Study) Title | Untitled (Material Study)
tim mcmichael  polar fibernocci
tim mcmichael  2one
tim mcmichael global unknown pleasures series
Title | Shellac'd #2 Title | Ohio Honeycomb Title | Untitled
tim mcmichael  shellac'd 2
tim mcmichael  honeucomb
tim mcmichael  2 one 5
Title | Mutated Illinios Pennsylvania Oxeye Daisy' Title | Untitled Title | Polar Stalk
tim mcmichael  oxeye daisy
tim mcmichael 2 one world view
tim mcmichael  polar stalk
Title | Route Title | Hive Title | Hemisphere Bop
tim mcmichael  route
tim mcmichael  hive
tim mcmichael hemisphere bop
Title | Transformer Title | Current Title | 'Mutated Ohio Morning Glory'
tim mcmichael  shellac'd
tim mcmichael current
tim mcmichael   morning glory
Title | Managed    
tim mcmichael  managed
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