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Oct/Nov 2006
Fritz Kappler

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fritz kappler feature artist
fritz kappler
Fragments of things from here and over there. Things that are otherwise unarticulated find voice in these pictures. They are memory and a future. They come from inside and the outside. They are impersonal but probably very personal in nature. They laugh and cry. Meanwhile, I am conscious and aware of the impact and aesthetic qualities of the work that emerges. I know what I do. I am not an outsider or naif. These are expressions of the unconscious processed through an educated consciousness. The art that emerges is somewhere in the middle. I do it because I can and I do the best I can.

My work is figurative. Animals, children and flora feature in many of the pieces in varying degrees of realism. I focus and concentrate on the main idea or image. Backgrounds in general have been minimized or in some cases dropped and removed altogether. In these, shadows are created and cast and become part of the composition. Some of the pieces can be hung together and converse to create narratives. Most of the work is layered. Multiple panels of wood create relief effects sometimes mixed with layers of painted epoxy resin. These resin layers are transparent and cause the image to shift and change as you move about the room. Some of the pieces have interchangeable parts: a head might switch from a girl's body to a frog's body;  a cowboy may have a star for a head and an alligator, a dog's. Several pieces have imagery only visible in total darkness. Each piece has its own fragrance.

I have been influenced by an enormous number of people and events in my life and work, some evident, some less so. Anything that is in essence an original vision. I love everything from Indian miniatures, 1920s cartoons, Bosch, Warhol, Dr. Seuss, Alfred Jarry and Richard Scarry, DADA, to...etc. All of these things are related to me. I like things that I can interact with creatively in my mind. I hope that the work I create is open enough for you, the viewer, to engage your own thoughts and find your own meanings.
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Prelude to the Swallowing of the Telescopes
Mouth Opera
Games for May
The Birthday Party: Caleb
fritz kappler
fritz kappler
fritz kappler
fritz kappler
fritz kappler
fritz kappler
The Birthday Party: Dylan
The Birthday Party: Maisie
fritz kappler
fritz kappler
fritz kappler

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