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Jan/Feb 2007
Ernest Williamson III

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ernest williamson III, painter, visual art, poetry, memphis, seton hall, new york, Phd

January/March/April 2007: Ernest Williamson III
ernest williamson III art feature
I am not a multifarious artist by choice. I create because I have to. With reference to my visual artwork, my approach is a process of spontaneity and deep concentration imbued with a sort of loud silence that calms me. The works of Picasso and Dali humble me and they inspire me on a continual basis. Dali takes what he holds in imagination and puts it on canvas. I admire his ability to do just that. Picasso, forces the viewer to accept and deny conventional perception. I began painting and composing piano music at the age of 19. My visual artwork is a reflection of what is contained in my unconscious mind. My poetry is also a reflection of what is observed via the senses. The artist soaks up what he or she observes and then he or she gives birth to what the reader or viewer of the artwork sees and perceives. I am an advocate for peace everywhere, especially in the Sudan. We as lovers of humanity must find a way to decrease the violence there and around the world. Hopefully the actuality of love and peace with convict persons of influence and people in general to perpetuate peace forevermore.

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Ernest Williamson III is a self-taught painter and pianist, who has published poetry and visual art in over ninety online and print journals. He holds the B.A. and the M.A. in English/Creative Writing from the University of Memphis. Currently, Ernest is a doctoral student at Seton Hall University in the field of Higher Education and he a member of The International High IQ Society based in New York City. Ernest is 30 years old and he appreciates your criticisms of his work.

The Artist as Vase
African American Pregnant Actuality
ernest williamson III: attitude
ernest williamson III: the artist as vase
ernest williamson III: african american pregnant actuality
Enkindled Muse
African American Displacement
The Rapture of Priesthood
ernest williamson III: enkindled muse
ernest williamson III: african american displacement
ernest williamson III: rapture of the priesthood
The Recreation of Self
Music: The Queen
Writing: The Selling of The Souls
ernest williamson III: the recreation of self
ernest williamson III: music the queen
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Writing: The First Love of Last Recollection
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