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August 2004
Aaron Cowan

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aaron cowan, cincinnati ohio, painter, montage, collage, found art, dada
aaron cowan aaron cowan
aaron cowan image

The body of work which appears here began to take shape in May of 2003, in the form of brief notes and sketches in my journal. The next step was to find source material relating to these ideas: letters ,images and other ephemera. Towards the end of October 2003, I began the physical production of this body of work, concluding in May 2004.

The body of work consists of nearly 25 paintings, of which, 12 are seen here. These are the most resolved works in the series, and best illustrate my intentions for the series.

The process by which these works were completed, in most cases, began by formulating an idea with no clear cut conclusions. I then worked to construct a visual dialogue discussing these fundamental ideas. Often, the images that developed were found images (culled from printed material, photographs, or slides) lending a sense of realism and a new life to once forgotten persons, places and events. Through this process, the paintings take on a new personality and psychological presence. The images go beyond their mundane foundation to one of experience, reaching beyond what a typical photograph or portrait often fails to achieve. The works taking aim to capture the essence, rather than capturing an actual record of physical characteristics-reaching into the experience.

graphite, pastel, oil pastel, chalk, charcoal, conte crayon, prismacolor, charcoal pencil, marker, paint pen, mohawk wood touchup marker, paint sticks, ebony jet black #6325, india ink, gouache, platak tempera, watercolor, latex, rustoleum, primer, acrylic, oil, sign, textile paints various glazes :wall glazing, varnish, screen printing varnish, mod podge, porcelain setting agent, pumice gel, matte, gel, gloss mediums and various printed and written materials (books, magazines, blueprints, photos, letters, worksheets ,directions, etc.)

aaron cowan 8.6.06

TITLE/Dimensions: Desire | 39x39
TITLE/Dimensions: Swimming | 42x42
TITLE/Dimensions: Whisper | 25.25x23
aaron cowan: desire
aaron cowan: swimming
aaron cowan: whisper
TITLE/Dimensions: Rush | 33.75x15
TITLE/Dimensions: Point | 48x24.5
TITLE/Dimensions: Derby | 41.5x60
aaron cowan: rush
aaron cowan: point
aaron cowan: derby
TITLE/Dimensions: Threadbare | 44.25x60
TITLE/Dimensions: Spar | 51x70
TITLE/Dimensions: Revolve | 46x70
aaron cowan: threadbare
aaron cowan: sapr
aaron cowan: revolve
TITLE/Dimensions: Stair | 48x71.25
TITLE/Dimensions: Feast | 70x29
TITLE/Dimensions: Untitled | 70x46
aaron cowan: stair
aaron cowan: feast
aaron cowam: untitled