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Jan/Feb 2009
Scot Kaplan


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Jan/Feb 2009 Artist Feature: Scot Kaplan
Scot Kaplan has lived and worked across the United States since receiving his MFA in sculpture from the University of Pennsylvania. The forms that his artwork’s take range from experiencial installations, to multimedia interactive objects, to performance and video. He has exhibited widely both across the US and internationally most recently with his piece Control Room which debuted in Stellenbosch, South Africa in 2006.  Mr. Kaplan currently holds an Assistant Professor of Fine Art position at The Ohio State University.

Artist's Park

scot kaplan
scot kaplan weeding
30 Days, 30 Minutes, 30 Paintings-Happy Accidents
scot kaplan slide
Thirty Days, Thirty Minutes, Thirty Paintings
scot kaplan happy accidents
30 Cakes
scot kaplan 30 cakes slides
scot kaplan ima gallery
Control Room
scot kaplan control room thumb
Resistance to Interrogation
scot kaplan r2i thumb
scot kaplan powerless
Ron and Duncan
scot kaplan ron and duncan
What Would You Do For Sex
scot kaplan what would you do for sex
Just Like Home
scot kaplan just like home


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