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Former Feature Willie Smith Performing His Poem: How the Cops Fixed My Ass
Open original Willie Smith Feature from May 2004

Free Willie Smith e-Book: Submachinegun Suicide

paul toth short film knotted
Dec 2007: Paul A. Toth's "Knotted" a film by Tom Shell Adapted from Paul A. Toth's short story "Necktime"      
This short-film features nearly no dialogue as a waiter and a suit take-up ground where Faulkner left off, revealing layers of personality and self-talk we each experience, but rarely ever express. Our literary feature of Paul's works includes the script. Be sure to check the script out after you watch the film. 
 Watch "Knotted" via YouTube      
watch guy debord la societe du spectacle
watch un chien andalou
f keith wahle video: secrets
geoge melies
When asked to write this brief introduction for “La Société du spectacle”, I started to FEEL like Louis Armstrong’s jibe about jazz- “Brother, if you don’t get it, there ain’t no way I can explain it to you…”. I thought about staggering down the Rue des Ecoles in Paris, missing a screening of “Société…” at the Cinéma le Champo, and settling for seeing Debords “In Girum…” instead. I wanted to remind myself that the spectacle is not a collection of images... [Winterhalter review continues] October 2007: Un Chien Andalou
Salvador Dali and Luis Buñuel collaborated to create this 1929 masterpiece of silent film.  In a time when people were not accustomed to imagery of a man's hands on a woman's breasts, or, an eye cut with a razor, this work horrified audiences, and has been alluded to in an endless list of later film makers.
May film feature: F. Keith Wahle and Colleen McCarty performing "Secrets"
Enjoy an exclusive video clip of F. Keith Wahle performing his poem "Secrets" as performed with Colleen McCarty's dance interpretation.
Georges Melies: "Le Voyage dans la Lune" 1st Science Fiction Film. Silent.

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  [ from Ubu web: ]
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amir fallah-embedded

cybil weigel embedded

jean-pierre gagne

Interview with Amir Fallah about design, art and Beautiful Decay magazine. By

(Learn More:)


Montage of operations. By

(Learn More:)


Interview with Situationormal founder Greg Johnson. By

(Learn More:)

Jean Pierre Gagne's short "The Smell of Who She Is" (Learn More)
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william levy short
noam chomsky on media
mike o'neill film
adbusters buy nothing day commercial
Film: William Levy Beyond Criticism Film: Chomsky Forum on Media Film: The Living End Film: Buy Nothing Day 2005
By: Malcolm Hart By: Our Media By: Michael O'Neill By: Adbusters
Site: Click Here Site: Click Here Site: None Site:
Documentary about SUCK magazine founder, former Penthouse and High Times Editor and award winning performance artist Bill Levy. Noam Chomsky discussion about the state of mass media, the manufacture of consent and media as a means to propagate military industrial complex. Michael O'Neill short film on the short, cruel nature of life. semantikon exclusive: North American commercial for 2005 Buy Nothing Day campaign. Click on the site link to learn more.
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silent ghost cinema feature the broken doll...
cybil weigel's embedded in L.A.
jay bolotin jackleg testament one
ay bolotin jackleg testament two
Film: The Broken Doll Meets
Sad Sue
Film: Embedded in L.A. Film:
The Jackleg Testament: Two Excerpts
By: Silent Ghost Cinema By: Cybil Weigel By: Jay Bolotin
Site: Click Here Site: Click Here Site: Click Here
Silent Ghost Cinema's macabre tale, The Broken Doll Meets Sad Sue.
First film in a series from this indi-house film group's genre edging series of contemporary silent films. Starring: Ophidia Blackwood, Fetish silent film star Bianca Abel, Jeff Lightfoot. Featuring musical accompaniment
by The Sob Sisters + Twink.
Embedded is the title of my film, reflecting my intimate participation
with my Los Angeles community,
my production team, my final product.To learn more, visit where you can find
out more about the collaborative
that made this work a reality.
"...This current project - the making of a woodcut motion picture - was arrived at by the wish to approach the woodcuts in a more direct manner - by using the woodcuts themselves to fabricate the continued work...Jack refers to the mannequin inside of the toy called a Jack in the Box. He is chosen by a puchinello-like god figure as an appropriate companion for Eve. Jack cajoles Eve away from the steadfast, but doltish Adam. Jack and Eve travel down the Vulgar River to Nobotown, where they put on a performance in The Theater of the Western Regions. Disaster ensues...I have proceeded to make these parts into the sets, objects, and characters of the movie. They move by means of digital photography and motion graphics software that allows me to manipulate two dimensional objects in three dimensional space - compositing many layers of imagery to make up each scene..."
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Geert Wachtelaer the cracking
salad fingers #2
prarthana panchal's the door
Film: The Cracking Film: Salad Fingers #2 Friends Film: The Door  
By: Geert Wachtelaer By: David Firth By: Prarthana Panchal  
Site: Our Feature & Geert's Site Site: Click Here Site: NONE  
My works concentrate on universal human experiences, birth, death and the secrets of the human conciousness, and found its roots
in the psychoanalytical foundation...Technology has made
its entry in our life, and created new languages, new channels to transmit your message in an instant via the Internet. I send my work all over to
the world...

Episode 2 of David Firth's wildly successsful Salad Fingers. In tghis epidsode, Salad Fingers welcomes friends and strangers over for a nice dinner.

Read an exclusive interview with salad fingers creator creator David Firth.
Enjoy Panchal's stop action adaptation of E.B. White's haunting short story piece about urban claustrophobia "The Door. "

Those unfamiliar with White's other works may recall "Charlotte's Web"
and "Strunk and White Writing Guide".
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semantikon video on demand is a video service we have established so people can view our selection of features films, archival films and found films anytime, with instant updates as we publish new works.

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Our complete film archive is no longer available to the public due to server bandwidth constraints. With Democracy player, movies will load faster, you'll get the complete archive of films, plus instant feature film updates as we upload them with each new edition.

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semantikon utilizes the Miro Player on the Participatroy Culture Foundation platform which believe are doing some incredibly innovative work with video on the web. Who wants to digg through 10000000 videos on youtube or google when you can search over 500 channels or make your own playlist? To learn more visit:

sample of film archives
charlie chaplin
Charlie Chaplin: 1917. Early Works Featuring Chaplin
telestreet project
Telestreet: Documentary about the Italian Telestreet movement, a network of close to 200 pirate television stations which have rose up in 2002 to counter the media monopoly of Silvio Berlusconi.
andrew lynn's whirlmart
Andrew Lynn's Whirl Mart: Ritual Resistance to Consumer Culture
reefer madness
Reefer Madness: Like many exploitation films of the time, "Reefer Madness" tried to make a quick buck off of a forbidden subject while skirting the Motion Picture Production Code of 1930.
witchhunt perversion for profit

Citizens for Community Values Red Scare Spectacle "Perversion for Profit"

bush in 30 seconds
Bush in 30 Seconds: Complete collection of films from Bush in 30 seconds voter media campaign.
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