Interview Oct/Nov 2006 Art Feature Fritz Kappler

    “...Visually, the “Bloom Baby” was born sometime back in the last part of the 19th century on the side of some baking product or something. The missus had one of those calendars that had reproductions of weird Victorian graphics and things; advertising, greeting cards, toys etc. And once I saw these things, of course, I wanted to incorporate that weirdness into my work because they just embodied so much of the stuff I love - anyway I referred to some of them in “A Magic Day Coloring Book” including the Blooom Baby. Since that time he’s popped up many, many times: on paper, canvas, wood, cardboard, I think even an ice sculpture, I can’t remember. That’s him in “Games For May”, “Mantra”, in blackface for “Blackberries” and a couple others. He’s currently out of the country and isn’t returning my phone calls."
                                                                   ---Fritz Kappler (Read Interview)

taylor ellwood
Interview Taylor Ellwood, author of Pop Culture Magick, Space/Time Magick and Inner Alchemy

    “...people react that way because they feel their stasis threatened, the sacred cow of their beliefs revealed as just a living, breathing beast that will die someday. The idea that someone can take pop culture and use it as a form of magic is a threat because it threatens the illusion of power that such people cultivate by relying on an initiatory tradition..."
                                                                  ---Taylor Ellwood

staggering statistics Interview with Music Feature The Staggering Statistics

"...if someone wants to buy one or two songs, great. If they want the whole LP, even better. If they want bonus tracks and DVD content, we should have that available too. Part of the reason record companies are losing so much to illegal copying is their arrogant attitude that someone who buys a CD for the single wants to pay almost $20 for the other 11 shitty songs. Hell, even the single’s gonna be played out in 3 weeks! Bands need to create content for all levels of consumers from $0.99 ownloads to $40 DVDs. Over the long term (another thing labels ignore), it’s likely that a fan who bought a $0.99 will come back and buy the CD or DVD. Initially, we sold more hard CD’s via CD Baby because it takes time to get the music out to all the digital download sites. Now it’s about 50/50." ---John Curley on new media distribution models

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NYC2123 Still One Interview with NYC2123 Creators Chad and Paco Allen

"What was the first inspiration for NYC2123?

Chad: I had already written a short story that basically became issues 1 and 3 of Dayender. I wasn’t really doing anything with it, it was just a story I had written for a writing workshop that I was in with some of my friends. When Paco started talking about doing a graphic novel his general ideas about themes and setting matched up with that short story, so we decided to take it as a starting point."
---Chad Allen on imagining NYC2123

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Interview with Lackluster World Creator Eric Adams
     "One underlying theme of Lackluster World is that everything is the generic and eventually repeats itself. It is integral to the story and the characters. This theme, however, is not specific to LW and is something I hope to continue in other projects – hence the name "Gen: Eric Publishing."

The idea of standards and all things being generic is something I have always seen buried within the reality of my experiences. The repetition of school, the routines of previous jobs, past relationships, the predictable small-talk and body language that comes with meeting new people."   ---Eric Adams on the name "Lackluster World"

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Interview Salad Fingers Creator David Firth

" Salad Fingers is a green man who lives on his own in a desolate shack in the middle of nowhere. He enjoys the feeling of different textures against his skin. I originally told people that if they want to know what he's about and where he came from then they should try and work it out from the stuff that he says and what can be seen lying around in the background --this is where people started playing detective so someone set up a site called the Salad Fingers Thesis with lots of very silly theories.sic out to all the digital download sites. Now it’s about 50/50. "

                          ---David Firth on the identity of Salad Fingers