About NYC2123
Illustration: Paco Allen
Writing: Chad Allen
Story: Chad Allen & Paco Allen

Jake: Patrick Mercier
Laney: Libby Mulitz
Wagner: As Himself
Julius: Paco Allen
Asher: Thomas Lamprecht

Wall Cop: Chaco Daniel
Hipster #1: Evan Sorenstein
Hipster #2: Juan Contreras
Hipster #3: Stephen Weibel
Hydroplane Driver/Rent-a-ninja: Pete Lin
Barge Guard #1: Kevin McCarthy
Barge Guard #2: Kevin McCarthy
The Cooker: Chris Perrins
Nathan Samuel: Ari Nave
m-Pub Bartender: Jason J. Wiersema
Dayender Monk #1: Brian Shown
Dayender High Priest: Jeff Shattuck

     In 2054 a massive tsunami devastates Manhattan. The island’s bridges and tunnels are destroyed. Two years of riots follow. Outlaw barge cities form in the waters around Manhattan, trafficking in body modifications and open source drugs. In 2065 the construction of a 20-meter-high barrier encircling what is left of Manhattan is completed and martial law is declared.
     This barrier is known simply as “The Wall.” A sense of normalcy returns to parts of Manhattan, but the barge cities continue to thrive and the neighborhoods above 59th street remain lawless and squalid. Small bands of mercenary hackers and cyborg street-fighters – “nano-mobs”– arise out of this chaos. They operate outside the law and without protection from the city’s crime bosses.

nyc2123 no 1
NYC213: Dayender #1: The Job   [4.5MB PDF]
nyc2123 no 2
NYC213: Dayender #2: Pick Up/Drop Off    [3.1 MB PDF]
nyc2123 no 3
NYC213: Dayender #3: The Squirrel    [3.1 MB PDF]
nyc2123 no 4
NYC213: Dayender #4: Safespot    [2.2 MB PDF]
nyc2123 no. 5
NYC213: Dayender #5: God and Money    [3.55 MB PDF]
NYC213: Dayender #6: Sacrifice    [4.8 MB PDF]
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