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October 2006: Taylor Ellwood
  1. Cut Up Commodity
2. Harry Potter Ritual
3. Evocation through Paintings
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"Magic is the realization of an interdependent system of life that needs every part to bring forth the hidden potential. My work with magic is two-pronged. In one approach, I work on the semiotic domain via media and contemporary technology, seeking to adapt the use of magic to contemporary times and continue to fuel that evolution by showing how media and magic can be woven together. In my second approach I seek to wean myself off of reliance on symbols and media and experience states of consciousness that are highly conceptual and focused on a prescient shaping of past, present, and future, and the evolution of magic toward achieving and using those states as a way of increasing the innate ability of a person."
                                                                           --- Taylor Ellwood on the Magical Medium


Taylor Ellwood is co-author of Creating Magical Entities, author of Pop Culture Magick and Space/Time Magic. This month will see his essays published in an anthology of contemporary magickal thinkers, Magick on the Edge. In November of 2006, his fourth book, Inner Alchemy, on the shaping of physical neural paths will be published by “Megalithica Books”.  Kink Magic: Beyond Vanilla Sex Magic, will be published in 2007. Taylor is currently working on his next solo book, Media Magic.

In addition to his books, his website, and his blog, Taylor is a regularly invited speaker on everything from novel magical technologies like those found in his controversial Pop Culture Magick to topics like sex magick, physiological paradigm shifts and time travel.