December 2007 Feature: Paul A. Toth
                              1. Exclusive Excerpt of Paul A. Toth's New Novel "Fugue"

                              Chapter 8
                             ... Begin
                             ... She left
                             ... Never made coffee
                             ... That night
                             ... The phone

                     ... Earthquake 1.0

                              Chapter 7
                             ... Begin
                             ... That's right, Iranian
                             ... Scatter them Jesus
                             ... She pulled the sheets
                             ... Earthquake 2.0
                             2. New Poetry Collection: "Hitler: Five Impossibly Possible Love Stories"
                                   I.   1918
                                   II.  1918 Part 2
                                   III. 1931
                                   IV. 1938
                                   V.   1945

                              3. Short Story: "Necktime"

 Short Film "Knotted"  A Film By  Tom Shell/Paul A. Toth 
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Listen to Paul A. Toth readfrom his new novel "Fugue" (7  MB mp3)
Listen to Paul A. Toth read his new collection of poems "Hitler: Five Impossibly Possible Love Stories" (2 MB mp3)
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Paul A. Toth is a Flint, Michigan native now living on Sanibel Island, Florida. Paul’s previous works includes critically acclaimed novels “Fizz” and “Fishnet”,and short story works including “The Pop Lady Comes on Wednesday” which earned him an honorable mention for the work, and a slot in the “17th Edition of the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror”. His audio work, which often combines story and music, has been widely published, and he produces tracks for Mad Hatters' Review. Two films, "Fizz" and "Knotted", have been based on his stories. The latter was a semi-finalist on Triggerstreet and was also a IFilm Plus Selection.

Paul’s essays on music, sexuality, psychology, literature and art have appeared in a number of journals including Currently Paul acts as fiction editor for storySouth.

For this month’s literary feature, Paul brings semantikon an exclusive excerpt from his third novel “Fugue”. This feature also includes his new poetry collection “Hitler: Five Impossibly Possible Love Stories”, the short story “Necktime” along with a film adaptation of the story by Paul and Tom Shell + plus exclusive audio cuts of Paul reading from his new novel “Fugue” and from his new poetry collection “Hitler: Five Impossibly Possible Love Stories”. To learn to more about Paul, visit:

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