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April 2007 : Lupa
  1. "Personal Mythology, Imagination and Metaphor" (Excerpt from A Field Guide to Otherkin Available April 2007)
Excerpt from Kink Magic: Sex Magic Beyond Vanilla (w/Taylor Ellwood)
Polarity In Sex Magic
4. I am Not a Werewolf 
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"With the advent of science as the primary tool for explaining the whys and hows of the physical world, mythology became mere stories, removed from the 'real' world by the veil of the five senses in ordinary consciousness. Once we found out that the sun was a huge burning ball of gas millions of miles away, we supposedly no longer needed the myths of Apollo, Amaterasu, and other solar deities to explain anything beyond ancient cultural storytelling. The moon, as well, was no longer a huntress, or a rabbit, or an incestuous lover with his sister's fingerprints on his back, just a huge lump of cold rock with not a bit of life on its surface"
                                    --- Lupa from " Personal Mythology, Imagination and Metaphor


Lupa is a twenty-something pagan and experimental magician living in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and fellow author, Taylor Ellwood, Sun Ce the cat, and entirely too many books and art supplies. She is the author of "Fang and Fur, Blood and Bone: A Primal Guide to Animal Magic", "A Field Guide to Otherkin", and is cowriting "Kink Magic: Sex Magic Beyond Vanilla". She may be found online at:
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