collage by Bob Grumman
"blue mathemaku"
by Bob Grumman
Feb 2008: Guest Editor Ralph LaCharity
Here included, two letters from our Cambridge, Mass correspondent, Ken Kawaji; a dozen and more mailart exempla (via Geof Huth’s spellbinding blog "qbdp"); two papers from a family friend who happens to be a graduate student,  Katharine Polak ... those, plus the golden gruel-thread of poetics itself, volunteer or not, howsoever it can be made to fit.
1. Ralph LaCharity:  Following One's Nose: into the sounds and sights
2. Kate Polak: Between Skins
3. Mail Art From Geof Huth Blog "qbdp"
4. Kate Polak: John  Constantine in America
5. Ken Kawaji: Letters to Bill Polak and LaCharity
6. Ralph LaCharity: Intimations of Onward: a brief essay on the aforesaid
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