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Feb. 2004
Bess Rose Miller
A poetess of some seven decades, Bess Rose Miller has worked as a teacher, edited and help produce Midfest Writing collections and has championed writing through her involvement with Middletown Poetry Circle, her essays and spekaing engagements on writing.
About Artist:

bess rose miller, poet, lecturer, middletown ohio, cincinnati ohio, from kentucky roots, poetry
Litany of Fire found in "From Kentucky Roots"

Come, gather now around my sullen blaze,
watch the embers smolder and direct your gaze
into my lowering, prehistoric depths.

The chimney now contains my wanton dance;
the sacrifice lies prone as red flames lance
through layers of sweet, warm maple flesh.

But still, I tell you, it is not enough.
I well remember when I devoured the mountain's soaring bluff
and fed across the wide prairie plain.

Now, only sparks fly free but I weave my ancient spell
here in this brick-ringed prison where I'm constrained to dwell
I consume their meager offerings and throw shadows on the wall.