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Cincinnati native Mark Flanigan has been writing and performing for over 14 years....Works from his collections Wrong-Way Poems For One-Way Streets, Not Necessarily God Stories and Next to Nothing have appeared in a variety of independent publications and, along with his performances, have garnered critical acclaim. He has also co-written a screenplay (“Midway,” with Brian Keizer), edited a literary publication (omnibscure) and worked to develop, produce and curate various gallery shows and performance readings -- notably, VOLK/c.s.p.i. and Intermedia Series readings at the Contemporary Arts Center and the Weston art gallery. Flanigan’s monthly column, “Exiled on Main Street,” appeared for over three years, first in x-ray, and upon his resignation there, at semantikon.com. Performances of his can be found on “the Volk/c.s.p.i. spoken word series CD (2001),” which he co-produced, and on the CD “One Night Only" (2002).   To learn more about his work, read his blog, review some of the works mentioned above, and listen to additional audio tracks:

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October 2007: The Dance

June 2007: Cake
May 2007: Special Edition "Light Travel" Mark Flanigan and Steve Proctor
April 2007: Zero Hour
March 2007: Prelude to a Kiss-Off
Jan 2007: State Of The Disunion Address 
Nov 2006: Youngblood
Oct 2006: How I Spent My Summer Vacation
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May 2007:
Exiled From Main Street Special Edition: Light Travel

     I’ve been spending a lot of my time and most of my creative energy—however modest—at the Eagle, the recording studio that’s in the basement of collaborator and friend Steven Proctor’s house. We have two shows this weekend, and seeing as one or another of us has been out of town for a stretch, we’re boning up on things and working on some new material. Somewhere along the line, I mentioned to Steve that it would be nice if we could post a new song here on semantikon. Thankfully, he agreed.
     Since we’ve been working on the same EP for five years now, and we had the aforementioned shows to get ready for, we set up a few rules: One mic, one take, no net.
     The song, “Light Travel,” is probably best summed up the way Steve did when we performed it last night at the Performance Time Arts Series: “This song is dedicated to anyone that has lost someone.”
     Which is to say, I assume, it’s for everybody.

mark flanigan and steven proctor audio "light travel"
Light Travel by Mark Flanigan and Steven Proctor | 6.7MB MP3 File