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Cincinnati native Mark Flanigan has been writing and performing for over 14 years....Works from his collections Wrong-Way Poems For One-Way Streets, Not Necessarily God Stories and Next to Nothing have appeared in a variety of independent publications and, along with his performances, have garnered critical acclaim. He has also co-written a screenplay (“Midway,” with Brian Keizer), edited a literary publication (omnibscure) and worked to develop, produce and curate various gallery shows and performance readings -- notably, VOLK/c.s.p.i. and Intermedia Series readings at the Contemporary Arts Center and the Weston art gallery. Flanigan’s monthly column, “Exiled on Main Street,” appeared for over three years, first in x-ray, and upon his resignation there, at semantikon.com. Performances of his can be found on “the Volk/c.s.p.i. spoken word series CD (2001),” which he co-produced, and on the CD “One Night Only" (2002).   To learn more about his work, read his blog, review some of the works mentioned above, and listen to additional audio tracks:

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November 2007:  Sometimes It Just Doesn’t Happen

Where do you turn
when you trust no one
and everything that conspires you
to fail
comes from inside yourself?

What do I believe in?

               Cynicism, poverty of soul?

I’m a construct, far from real.

               Did I choose this?
               Am I afraid of something?

My honesty masks an inherent falsity.
I’m a water-downed distillation of all my dead heroes.
There’s a new skin trying to break free from my bevy of bad habits.

If I sleep, will I heal?
Whom do I expect to answer?

Every time I flip a switch
A bulb burns out....

It’s not that the dance is over, but
            mind and body are doing a breakdown mambo all their own.
I must join them.
It is Time.