Mar. 2006
Mick Parsons

Mick Parsons lives and writes In Cincinnati, OH, the closest city to the small town that birthed him, along with his motivation to write. His work has been published online at, in The Licking River Review, as well as in Inscape: The Literary and Visual Arts Journal. Since earning his MA in English from Morehead State University in December 2002, he has taught writing as an adjunct instructor at several colleges and universities across the city and dabbled in freelance journalism. He is the founding Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of One-Legged Cow Press (

About Artist:

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Expedition Notes: Vol .3 The UnEarthed City

Part One:
1. prodigal lines
2. one more concise history of the world
3. pg.3
4. spring fantasia (magnificent grotesque)
5. [“Do I dare eat a peach?” –T. S Eliot]
6. 15 W. Market Street
7. metaphysique (poetic interlude #1)
8. colloquial history (expanded)
9. caesura

Part Two:
1. New American Gothic
2. reflections of you / divine cartography
3. winter blockade

Part Three

1. lines under a monday sun
2. Idylls of the King [Memorial Day ’05]
3. still lifes and landscapes
4. last legs