semantikon feature literature
Jan. 2004
Michael Crossley
Michael Crossley is writer, actor, and poet and currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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We all used to sit around on this one couch,
drinking beers, listening to music, talking…
some real great conversationalists we were, just
having a good time.
we figured out that we were all dying,
someone turned down the stereo,
we started drinking more & talking less.
and I still think it takes a certain kind of person,
a really different diamond
to feel too old
at 23.
I was talking to a very pretty gorl at a bar one evening,
she said, “So what do you write about?”
I had forgotten, but promised myself to
start writing about her more,
While walking home I thought “Jesus!”
Who knows…I’m too old, I need to see a doctor.
If I was a younger man, that very pretty gorl
would be at my side on that old couch
Drinking & talking…
Smiling and meaning it. There was some genius on that couch,
we’d feed em drinks & give them funny names.
Back then we didn’t want to be anything
except drunk,
& a long term goal meant waking up for work tomorrow.
Damn, I wish I never figured out
that we were all dying.
I wish we could all pass out on that couch with our suits
on & a beer in hand…
I had to throw the couch out,
Beer stains & all.
Only, someone picked it up before the trash men came.
so someone
somewhere is sitting on that couch right now
probably half drunk
with the realization of their dying.