*S-E-M-A-N-T-I-K-O-N (see-man-ti-con)
  • is an arts community created and maintained by an international collective of artists, educators, and technology professionals.
  • is a not-for-profit arts community/
  • goes live by the first sunday of each month.
  • has operated for five years by word of mouth and artists sharing the work of artists that inspire them.
  • supports the artists we feature putting them on the radio, making posters and e-books, giving them a forum to discuss the work they are doing.
  • has a vision: web, television, radio, social networking...
  • is not tied to the bullshit glad handing that barely keeps local and indepedent art alive. would rather focus on artists would rather spend their time --- creating.
  • represents: artists, designers, composers, educators, writers who have given time and efforts, their thoughtful feedback and invaluable insights to enact a community space.
  • features one new writer a month.
  • features a new visual artist every two months.
  • maintains a library of 130+ public domain works so poor college students can afford to drink.
  • has a a television station called cell logic. just go to getdemocracy.com/channels and search "cell logic"

      semantikon is not a small press. semantikon.com is an ad free, not for profit literary/arts community now celebrating its fifth year of documenting the voices and visions of our time.
      If you enjoy what you've seen on the site, the space we're doing to maintain it, look over the list below and pick one thing you will do to help us continue.

*10 ways to support semantikon for no money at all...

1.  Download some easy to print out flyers or t-shirt transfers we've made---hand them out, leave them at coffee houses and independent bookstores, the local performance space,or, hidden inside the local alterna-weekly.

2. Add us as a friend on MySpace. WWW.MYSPACE.COM/SEMANTIKON

3. Link to us on your website, in your e-mail signature, on your blog.

4. If you're here, there is someone's work you enjoy on the site, talk to people about about the work, send people to see that work.

5. If you work in the academic field, non profit media outlets or the arts, please let people know about the site where you're working.

6. Send a mass e-mail to all your friends telling them why you like the site, give them the address.

7. Semantikon still maintains an open submission policy, tell people you think they should submit their works to the site.

8. Sign up for email newsletter and forward the newsletter to your friends.

9.  Collect and download our broadside posters, print them out and put them on telephone poles.

10. DIGG us, stumble us, or de.li.cious.  Social bookmarking works!

You can Donate money. Donate $50 or more and get a semantikon shirt, $100 or more, and get an archive disk and a limited edition annual review. If you're serious, e-mail us at donate (at) semantikon dot com.

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