The semantikon news feed...

     semantikon is pleased to offer a really simple syndication(RSS) service so users may get up to date on site news as it happens instead of the newsletter alone. Utilizing some simple software and the links we provide below, you can now get semantikon headlines on the fly.

  *About news feed readers...

     Some internet browsers come built for RSS news feed reading---like Opera, some require you to install a simple secure extension like Firefox, others, have no support, such as Internet Explorer and you will have to install a free third party news reader. We strongly recommended the Firefox method described below as it it is a totally integrated approach, plus---Firefox is a more secure, more stable, and less vulnerable to attacks by hackers via trojans, viruses, keylogging software and other means. We like Firefox so much, we have abandoned Internet Explorer completely. If you want to do the Firefox method, but don't have it, Get Firefox Here, its free and highly cutomizable. If you want to download third party software we've found for free that is safe and secure, see below.
     semantikon tested the software and the folowing how-to ourselves, so getting set up should take more than a few minutes. Once you are, you'll always be subscribed to our RSS feed, plus, you can get headlines from millions of news sites without having to sort through all their content. If you want to learn more, CNET has a great article on RSS and feed readers.

 *Getting semantikon news feed for the first time...
If you use Firefox 1.5+

     1. Get the free Newsreader extension Sage
     2. Install the extension
Re-Start Firefox
     4. Click the Leaf icon next to your address bar
     5. The side bar will open
     6. Navigate to
     7. Click the magnifying glass, it will autmatically discover the semantikon news feed
     8. Now when you wanna see site updates, just click on the leaf symbol next to your address bar

If you use Internet Explorer or other browsers
      1. Get the CNET Recommended Newsreader Awasu here
     2. Install the software
Start Software
     4. Go to File>>New Channel
     5. Enter in channel
     6. Click Next or Finish until the feed seats

Questions or issues? Email us:
help @ semantikon dot com

Thanks, Tech Staff