Semantikon Respects Privacy:

| 1. | Semantikon does not utilize cookies to track site user behavior.

| 2. | Semantikon does not employ or utilize adware, nor does semantikon partner with organizations
which do.

| 3. | Semantikon does not employ any means to collect personally identifiable information from site users.

| 4. | Semantikon does not purchase e-mail list.

| 5. | Semantikon does not sell e-mail list.

| 6. | Semantikon does not share e-mail address or other information with ANY third party, including friends or community members who swear they know you.

| 7. | E-mail address are encrypted, stored, and archived monthly utilizing means which act to prevent their abuse as a result of viruses or other possible malicious attacks of our servers.

| 8. | Site users who sign up for newsletter, or who are referred by artists wishing to notify them may opt-out of future mailings by sending a blank e-mail to:
opt-out at semantikon dot com

We welcome your questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact our staff regarding this matter if you have additional questions or concerns at staff at semantikon dot com