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Semantikon has been developed to meet universal compliancy standards for content deployment on the web. Having been tested in on a variety of browsers and operating system environments, the following issues and solutions have been identified.
+ Apple users who browse the web using the Safari, find pages render erratically, or page elements render "look funny." (I.E. Form elements such as text boxes don't scroll.)
Safari is a new browser produced by Apple Inc. and deployed with their new operating system OS 10. During site testing, it was found that certain pages and page elements would not render correctly utilizing Safari. This issue is known for KHTML based browsers such as Safari and Konqueror, as KHTML has not been fully realized as a development platform, and, is not standardized. No other solutions are known at this time. The only solution available until further development of KHTML browsers, is to utilize an alternate browser, such as Mozilla Firefox.
+ When downloading books from the Bibliotheque, my system freezes up or stops responding.
Electronic Text made available in Bibliotheque are either in PDF or .TXT format. As we work hard to make sure these works are available to the widest audience, evaluate the following before submitting a help query.

1. As semantikon publishes complete text, some books number in the 1000's of pages. This means file sizes of the PDF and .TXT documents can vary widely, upwards of 4MB some text. For a regular internet connection (56K), we advise first trying to view the TXT version of the work and saving that locally.
+ When trying to view a movie or listen to an audio clip, it takes a long time for the file to play, or it does not play at all.
This issue is strictly related to connection speed. You are not hearing or seeing the clip because your system is trying to download a large file on a slow connection. If you have a regular internet connection (56K) we recommend you visit your local library, academic institution or other venue with high speed internet connection for better experience.
Viewing Content:
1. What is the best way to view content published at is best viewed under the following conditions:

a. Display (Screen Size): 1024x768 or Better
b. Color: 32 Bit Color or Better
b. Browsers: Mozilla Firefox1.5+ ||| Internet Explorer 7.0+  ||| Netscape Navigator 7.0+
c. Connection Speed: 56K for creative features, DSL or better for media files
2. How can I view content on this site?
The vast majority of the content found on is viewable requiring nothing more than your web browser. If you experience difficulties navigating, finding something you are looking for, utilize the feedback form and a tech staffer will get with you to help you.
3. Lots of different Media Formats? Usually, most systems will have many of the following media software packages already installed, if you click on content which require a plug-in, usually your browser will tell you. If not, feel free to use these links to get everything you'll need here.
semantikon utilizes the following third party media formats for content delivery you may download them by clicking on the links below:

Adobe Acrobat Reader | Apple Quicktime | Real Player | Windows Media Player

Enjoying Media:
1. How to I play media files or view works in media formats?
In most cases, all you have to do to enjoy media files is click on the icon, image or link provided and the appropriate software will launch automatically. If you do not have software which allows you to view the content, in most cases, your browser will ask you if you want to get the plug-in required to view the works.
2. How come people with slower connections can't enjoy all the movies, books, or, audio clips?
semantikon receives files from contributors in a variety of formats and file lengths and cannot always necessarily control file size. A movie that is 4 minutes long is larger than a movie that is 30 seconds long, same with books and audio clips, so the larger the file, the longer it takes to download.
2. You suck, I really wanted to view that _____________ ! (movie, audio clips, book)
In most cases, we have provided alternate, lower bandwidth versions of content, as is the case in our electronic library. At this point, we do not provide an alternate "slow-speed" version for all content because of the limitation it places on the work, and the artists' vision.

semantikon strongly recommends users with slower connections (56K or less) visit their local library or academic institution to enjoy works such as movies, audio clips and some books. In short, we will suck. Until artist make shorter movies, until people write shorter books, until...
3. How come all the audio clips are in MP3 format?
After much discussion and plenty of feedback about people not being able to get to audio files, we now produce all audio clips in the ubiquitous file format MP3. MP3 files will play automatically in Windows Media Player and Apple Quicktime. These media players are standard with Windows Operating System and Mac OS X respectively. Semantikon Staff recommends you visit if you would like to seek out alternative MP3 viewers.
4. Can I save media files?
In most cases, it is possible to download works for viewing on your local system. How you can save them varies widely by browser and platform. Consult your browser help section to learn how to download works to your local system.

Please keep in mind media clips may be copyrighted works, and where that is true, our rights have been cleared, but your abuse of those copyrights may cause you problems. To be safe, If you wanna share a file, point people to the site. We won't be able to protect you, and chances are, we will side with the copyright owner if your abuse their intellectual property rights.
5. Just gimme a list of Software I will need to view everything, I know what I am doing!

Adobe Acrobat Reader | Apple Quicktime | Real Player | Windows Media Player

Copyrights: as publisher, and the cited authors, as original creators of works found on this site are the rightful owners of works found here. Copyrights apply to html formatted pages (web pages), audio files, video files and visual works, radio clips, audio clips, broadside posters, e-books etc.

Copyright Exceptions:::::::::::


Electronic Text provided in the Bibliotheque section of the site are works which are said to exists in the public domain, or, are said to exist in the public domain so far as we've been able to research. You may download, distribute and cite works from Bibliotheque freely. From time to time, if a copyright is found to exist, semantikon immediately pulls a selection from our electronic text catalog.

Cell Logic
Archival Footage reviewed in Cell Logic exist in the Public Domain and may be distributed freely. Please consult the accompanying text to insure whether a work is copyrighted or not before downloading and distributing.
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