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October 2007
Nick Barrows
1. Radio
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Nick Barrows e-Poster "Radio"
Broadside of Radio
by Nick Barrows

Nick Barrows came for the hills of the Westside of Cincinnati, Ohio were he began his first days of memory behind the bar of his father's Tavern down by the River Ohio. His works have appeared in Forklift, Ohio: A Journal of Poetry, Cooking, & Light Industrial Safety, (1997) Trained Monkey Press (Broadside #22), and he is the former music editor for The Citizen (1998-2002). In 2000, Nick teamed up with the Cincinnati based band, 4 Track All-Stars, where he can be heard on their self-titled debut (on tracks Ghosty Moe, Bebop 2.0), and of late, he can be seen from time to time out with local hip-hop band DaMuttss, doing spoken word.

About Artist:

Nick Barrows, Cincinnati, Poet, Performance Artist, 4 Track All-Stars, The Citizen, Spoken Word, audio


It slides all the way home
begging memory
Can’t decide if this is the reckoning
or just silly little bears

Drowning in the fumes,
the lost drink tea by the seaside
singing of catholic festivals
where bishops danced the hurdy-gurdy

To be so lost
To be so foolish
To be so silent
To be so still

The street signs tell us to kill
as the homecoming queen strolls on Main St.
waving her scepter in the air
riding on the back of an ass

It will be a lonely Summer

     Footnote: At this moment the dead have taken over your home and are
never going to leave.


Slippery into transom
lurking for the adversary lover
Fingers swollen with a frozen guilt
the remains stain the wet and dirty kitchen

The abridged days blink to you peripheral memori….

Always hungry
Always tired
Always thirsty
Always dry

Sidewalks hold like quicksand
Breath never finding its true home
The dairy cow cries for a greener pasture
and the cowboys disappear into the blizzard night

     Footnote: The Gods have made you king of the last parade.