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November 2007 Feature: Matt Briggs
  1. Excerpt from his new novel "The Strongman: Confessions of a Bacon Smuggler"

2. "Tony" and "Tiger in a Lifeboat" Short Stories from new collection The End is the Beginning

3. "The Ribbit-powered Float" Short Story from new collection The End is the Beginning

4. Essay "Pacific Highway South: Best American Strip City"

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Listen to Matt Briggs read "Tony + Tiger in a Lifeboat"(5.8 MB mp3)
Listen to Matt Briggs  read "Ribbit-powered Float"(4.12 MB mp3)
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Matt Briggs is a Seattle, Washington native. Previous to the publication of his first book by Black Heron Press, Matt was a reservist who served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Active in small press and independent publishing since 1990's, Matt has been involved with The Anchovy Review and The Raven Chronicles. He has also given workshops on independent publishing.

In 1999, a collection of linked stories called "The Remains of River Names" was published Black Heron Press. In 2002, he published "Misplaced Alice" with String Town Press who would also publish "The Moss Gatherers" in 2005. September of 2005 seen Matt's first publication on semantikon, his piece "A Fifth of July", part of our American Canons edition. His first novel, "Shoot the Buffalo", was published by Clear Cut Press in the same year, a work selected for a American Book Award in 2006. In Spring of 2008, Final State will publish Matt’s new short story collection, "The End is the Beginning" In Fall 2008, they will also publish "The Strong Man: Confessions of a Bacon Smuggler". Featured here, exclusive excerpts from both forthcoming books, plus, an unabridged version of Matt's essay "Pacific Highway South: Best American Strip City" along with audio of Matt reading from his short story collection.