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May 2007 : F. Keith Wahle
1. The Pictures
2. The Shadow
3. The Story Begins
4. Imaginary and Unknown Numbers
The Job
The Damage
8. Poets of the Sixties
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"...Your secret of how you smuggled sixteen thousand heavily
           sedated virgins
across the Mexican border into Texas.
Your secret of where you hire pack elephants in Cleveland,
and of what their mysterious cargo will be.
The secret of your continuous pajamas,
your frostbite secret, your exploding handkerchief secret.
No one will find out from me what is behind
the enormous painting of Charles Dickens on your dinning room
                                    --- From "Secrets" by F. Keith Wahle



F. Keith Wahle is a Cincinnati, Ohio native. Wahle’s poems have appeared in a diverse array of literary journals including “The Paris Review”, “Ellipsis” and the “Cornfield Review”; this feature represents the first collection of Wahle’s writings and performances presented in the web medium. Off the page, Wahle worked in the mid 1990's to help develop the now annual Cincinnati “Performance and Time Arts Series”, Wahle is also a three time Ohio Arts Council Fellow, first, in 1984, in 1990 and again in 2003. On stage, Wahle is known for his memorable collaborations with dancers Judith Mikita, Cheryl Wallace, any many others, to bring physical form to his incisive use of vernacular. Seven books of poetry in all, Wahle's last three books, “A Choice of Killers” (1998), “Farewell to Happytown” (2004) and "The Invitations" (2006), feature photographs by Brad Austin Smith and Amberlyn Nelson. Feature includes work from "A Choice of Killers", "Farewell to Happytown" and includes video perfomance of "Secrets", and an exclusive "Secrets" broadside poster.