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May. 2006
Guest Editor
Mark Flanigan
Blue Collar Dispatches
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Blue Collar Dispatches:
Sometimes there’s a tendency for us to assume anything artistic must derive from a sanctified, holy source. Which is a disservice, as often we require something much more simple from the well and, not finding it, we must go without. Exclusiveness thus prevails.

The following two writers are men I met during my tenure in the warehouse business, ten years apart: Stephen Foster and Tony Neal, respectively. The former works third-shift in Hubert Heights, OH and writes only when so inclined, for no one or no reason in particular. Conversely, the latter studies Creative Writing by day and works evenings, has “plans for 25 original movies, two of which are completely finished.” Queries for his recent novel entitled The Mind Over Matter Experiment are presently making the rounds.

What the two of them share, however, is an unassuming quality, a lack of pretense that strangely enough may obscure them. They are both unpublished. They are both raw.

They are here.

M. Flanigan
Guest Editor May 2006
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Stephen Foster: 5 Poems
1. Trip
2. Once I Thought Living A Lost Art
3. A Poem On This Your 2nd Birthday
4. One Shot More
5. In Rememberence Of That Which I Could Not Find

Tony Neal: Short Story
Short Story: The Waning Hours Of Headless Sensation