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Sharing your works: One e-mail address, different rules.
Please submit a brief introduction and three original works in a single word document to: submissions at semantikon dot com.

NOTE: semantikon accepts simultaneous submissions. semantikon does not send detailed rejection letters.
Visual Works:
Please submit a a brief bio, artist statement, your URL if applicable along five sample images in JPEG format to: submissions at semantikon dot com
Short Films:
Please introduce yourself, citing the URL the film can be viewed or, a brief synopsis of the work to: submissions at semantikon dot com
We enjoy hearing what others are working or perusing at out in the ether world, however, due to abuse, we only accept links from people who include an actual description and verifiable for a website to: submissions at semantikon dot com
Semantikon actively seeks to host unique experimental information spaces and cultural environments developed for flash or shockwave deployment. If you have already deployed your project, or would like to deploy your project in the semantikon space, please introduce yourself and include a detailed description of the project goals to: submissions at semantikon dot com
Semantikon is always seeking writers who would like to developed a feature column for our retoriq section. If you have a column idea, please introduce yourself and attach a single word document with the outline for the column, or sample tear sheets to: submissions at semantikon dot com
Semantikon is pleased to consider your audio clips. We actively seek experimental audio, audio cuts from spoken word readings or audio from performance art pieces. Please introduce yourself, describe the work, and include the site URL if applicable to: submissions at semantikon dot com
Semantikon is always seeking ways to enhance and further develop this community space . If you have an idea you think would be a unique addition to the site, drop us a detailed outline of your idea in the body of the e-mail to: submissions at semantikon dot com has maintained our commitment to remain an ad free community space, and, to remain outside the fray of regional ad economies which fuel publisher battles in a time of unheralded media consolidation. There is only one way we ever have, or will, be able to reach new site users, word of mouth ---one person at a time.
      If you enjoy what we're doing and would like to take part in the effort to help expand semantikon's ability to reach out to and connect with the voices visions of your community, please show your support by downloading and printing our promotional items leaving them where you think they might be found useful.
Note: All Promos in Adobe Acrobat Reader Format.
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 Your donation is secure, handled through PayPal and will be greatly appreciated. Donate $50 or more and receive a free semantikon t-shirt and a e-mail address.
Donation Information Updating 09.14.05
     Semantikon actively welcomes those who would like involve themselves in a more significant in our effort to
      If you would like to volunteer, all you need is common sense, an internet connection, a printer, some paper, and some time to show you support independent media.
     Please fill out the form below completely and a staffer will get back to you about how you can help with what we're working to do to reach out to your community.
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